Q: What are Shoe Bottoms?
A: Shoe Bottoms are a shoe accessory designed to work with ANY shoe, ANY style, in ANY size. We use a flexible, glossy, bright red film that, once applied, will transform the look of any high heels. What makes our sole covers unique is the rubberized non-slip coating that we apply to our product. It is a super resilient low profile film unlike anything else. It is textured like sandpaper but soft like rubber, so it won't scratch your floors. This combination not only helps against slipping and sliding, it protects the cover, as well as your shoe's sole. It wears just like the normal shoe sole, so it looks and feels like it should be there. It cleans easily and is resilient to oils and other chemicals. 

Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: We use Paypal checkout to process payments. Paypal Payments accepts verified U.S. bank accounts, credit cards, and transfers from your available Paypal account balance. Credit cards currently accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. We accept Amazon payments through our sister site, www.shoebottoms.com.

Q: How long does it take for shipping?
A; We ship using USPS. Standard shipping is 2-5 days using First Class and 2-3 days Priority. Typically orders are processed within 2 days Monday through Friday. International orders typically take 10-14 days but can sometimes be delayed by customs. You will be automatically sent the tracking information once your item is ready to ship. Please see our shipping page for additional information.

Q: What is your return policy? 
A: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarentee. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, used or not, please return within 30 days for a refund. Click on the return policy link below for additional information.

Q: What size shoes will the shoe bottoms work for?
A: The kit is a universal one size fits all. It comes as a strip that is cut to shape to fit the bottom of any shoe in any size. It will work for men's, women's, US and UK sizes.

Q: Do I need to glue them on?
A: The strips have adhesive already applied. There is a fine line between being so sticky that it will damage the bottom when removing and not sticky enough to stay on. The bottoms will work the best on clean leather or vinyl shoe soles. If the shoes are not new, be sure to thoroughly clean the sole. If they are very dirty, use a household cleaner like Simple Green in addition to the included alcohol swabs to thoroughly clean the sole. As a last resort, we have used IC-2000 Rubber-Toughened CA Adhesive Glue. Because of the rubber in this glue, it will adhear well to both the shoe sole and the cover. We are not responsible for any damage this may cause when removing the bottoms.

Q: How long will the shoe bottoms last before I need to replace them?
A: There is no set answer to this. It all depends on how much you walk and the surface you are walking on. Typically, with daily normal wear the bottoms should last several months. With occasional wear, it should last several years.

Q: How thick is the covering? 
A: The clear thickness is .025 in. The colored is .030 in. This is the applied thickness after removing the backing.

Q: Do I need to have this professionally applied?
A: it is designed to be a do it yourself product. You can find the installation instructions below. There is a bit of skill involved to make the installation perfect, especially the first time applying them. If you are not a DIY person, you would probably benefit by having a professional do the installation.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?
A: We only charge sales tax for people residing in Nevada.

Q: Do you sell my information?
A: We do not sell any information. All information is kept private. Please see the link to our terms and conditions below.

Q: How can I cancel an order?
A: Please send us an email to shoebottoms@gmail.com or send a message through the contact us link on our website.

Q: Are the shoes included or can I get them?
A: No. SHoes are not included. We only sell the shoe bottoms to add to the shoes you currently own.

Q: Can I pick up the shoe bottoms from you?
A: We do not currently offer a pick up option.

Q: Do you offer wholesale or bulk pricing?

A: Yes, we offer wholesale pricing on 10 or more pairs. Please contact us for wholesale pricing or to place a bulk order.X