Installation Instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean the shoe sole with the included wipes.  Apply the included clear strip to the bottom of your shoe sole and trace along the edge of the sole using a marker or pen.  Peel the clear off and apply to the back of the colored strip. Cut along the line. Repeat the process for the heel. 
NOTE: The template traced on the left shoe will be the cut out for the right and vice-versa.  Because of this, we recommend cutting out both left and right before applying to avoid any confusion.
  2. Apply the colored strip to the shoe sole starting at the toe.  Peel back the liner halfway and apply the area that covers the section of the sole that would contact the ground.  Be sure that the strip is lines up with the rest of the sole before firmly pressing down.   
  3. Spray a small amount of water on the arch area.  The water will help with positioning on the strip.  Peel the    remaining paper liner from the colored strip and apply to the arch, working any bubbles or creases out as you go.  Apply 20-30 seconds of heat with a blow drier, then press the material down firmly, working as much water out as possible.  Apply the strip to the heel area in the same manner(spray, position and heat). 
Trim off any overhanging pieces with a razor blade or edge of the scissors if needed.  Allow several hours before wearing the shoes for any additional water to evaporate.