Red Shoe Sole Slip Resistant Cover/Protector for Heels

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Heels with red protector
Red Shoe Sole Slip resistant cover for high heels
red shoe sole slip resistant cover for high heels

Shoe Bottoms are a shoe accessory designed to work with ANY shoe, ANY style, in ANY size. We use a flexible, rubberized film that, once applied, will transform the look of any shoes. What makes our sole covers unique is the rubberized non-slip coating that we apply to our product. It is a super resilient low profile film unlike anything else. It is textured like sandpaper but soft like rubber, so it won't scratch your floors. This combination not only helps against slipping and sliding, it protects the cover, as well as your shoe's sole. It wears just like the normal shoe sole, so it looks and feels like it should be there. It cleans easily and is resilient to oils and other chemicals. This kit will cover both the sole area as well as the heels. It works the best with leather and other smooth shoe soles. It is not recommended for shoes with rubber soles.

**Premium install kit also includes a thin, clear material for making an exact template of the shoe's sole and a precision razor blade. Once the template is made, you can use it to more accurately shape the sole shield material.

Standard kit includes 2 4"x4" strips and the extended kit includes 2 5.5"x4" strips. 


  • Protect your shoe sole from damage with a premium thin rubberized layer on the area of the sole that comes in contact with the ground. The cover is both textured and rubberized to grip more like a tennis shoe instead of the typical smooth bottom of most heels. The rubber is soft enough not to scratch floors, but is also resilient to most oils and other chemicals.
  • Covers any damage or inperfections already on the shoes sole. It is flexible and will conform to the curves of most soles. Cleans easily to help keep the bottoms looking new.
  • Self adhesive design that can be easily cut to the shape of any shoe in any size. Instructions are included.
  • Available in clear, black, and red. Custom colors available upon request.
  • Works best with any shoe with a heel (pumps, stilettos, boots, peep toe, etc). Not recommended for rubber soles (adhesion promoter recomended) or soles with tread.  For colors, wedges, flats, single and multi-packs, see our other items for sale.

Included in this kit: 
 Strips of Textured Anti slip rubberized coating 
Two(2) Alcohol cleaning packets


Heels with red protector
Red Shoe Sole Slip resistant cover for high heels
red shoe sole slip resistant cover for high heels